Local Elections – DHB Candidate

Kirsten Murfitt, Principal of KM Law, is running as a candidate for the District Health Board in the local elections.

The public health system faces a number challenges with a growing and aging population and supporting patients with complex health needs. Our response to these challenges requires strong leadership, early intervention and partnering with our community and other Government agencies.

​Did you know that 27% of the BOP population has a disability of some form (2013 Census). Add family members and friends and the number of people affected by disability is significant.​While the DHB’s focus on the National Health Targets is important, the DHB must ensure that the needs of our community (including those with a disability) are met through:

  • prevention and early intervention;integrated services;
  • better community health services;
  • partnering with community and Government agencies; and
  • reducing inefficiencies and waste.​

Kirsten is both a mother of a child with special needs and an experienced commercial solicitor. Due to her 9-year-old son’s health needs, Kirsten is an experienced user of the health and disability services in the Bay of Plenty. This day-to-day experience, combined with her commercial acumen as a solicitor make her the perfect candidate for the role as a board member of your local District Health Board.​For more information on why Kirsten wants to be elected to the Bay of Plenty District Health Board please click here.


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